ELI Innovations/Implementations: UBC’s Ancient Spaces Project

I was checking my Blogline’s Account — the Educause Feed, and was linked by an Elisa Coghlan post to a 2 page summary of UBC’s Ancient Spaces Project.

– Home Page for the Ancient Spaces Project: http://ancient.arts.ubc.ca/ (or www.ancientspaces.com)

– ELI Brief: http://www.educause.edu/LibraryDetailPage/666?ID=ELI5012

This project exemplifies the power of putting good learning tools in students hands — enabling students to develop and share their work with a wider community and contribute to advancing knowledge.

Uli Rauch and the talented team at Arts ISIT have been encouraging and supporting this innovative, student driven effort over the last few years. There is a lot of work going on this summer so I’m thinking that we’ll see even more exciting things ahead!

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