UBC Reports — Looking ahead

For the UBC Reports beginning of the year issue, I and several of my colleagues we asked to provide a brief “look ahead” to UBC in the next 5-10 years. Each of us took a slightly different perspective — mine of course being learning technologies.

Kind of fun, but somewhat intimidating – I’ve not been doing a lot of writing lately and I’m feeling a bit rusty. Guess its time to correct that!

My thanks to Brian Lamb for talking this through with me, helping me refine some of my thoughts and contributing a few of his own to the conversation. Mostly, I’m just happy he did not laugh out loud at my prose….

If you are interested… “Growth of Online Personal Learning.

My other colleagues contributions are well worth a read, covering science education reform (Carl Weiman), community service learning (Margot Fryer), teaching (particularly the influence of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Gary Poole) and student leadership (Allison Dunnet). The are accessed from the Home Page (top right).

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