First TLT Talk: Clickers in the Classroom: An Interactive Panel

Just a plug (and a reminder for me) for our first Teaching and Learning with Technology Series Talk of the 2006-07 year, set for later this month (Sept 26):

Title: Clickers in the Classroom: An Interactive Panel

This September UBC is rolling out a new version of a teaching tool to the wider campus. Student Response Systems, commonly referred to as “clickers”, are small hand-held devices similar to television remote controls; they are purchased by students and used to answer questions during lectures. The instructor projects a question on the overhead screen and students use their clickers to answer the question. The technology allows the instructor to immediately show the range of students¹ answers in a bar graph.

A number of studies have indicated that this method is paticularly useful for gauging students’ understanding of concepts. This kind of tool enables instructors to demonstrably increase student engagement and improve the student experience, especially in large classes. Please join our panel of instructors for an interactive presentation on the pedagogical impacts of using clickers as a teaching and learning tool.

– Javed Iqbal, Director, Cooperative Education Science Co-op Programs
– Sara Harris, Instructor, Earth and Ocean Sciences
– Geoffrey Herring, Professor, Chemistry
– Marina Milner-Bolotin, Instructor, Skylight and Physics and Astronomy

When: Tuesday, September 26, 1:00-3:30pm

Where: Telestudios, 2329 West Mall (University Services Building), Rm #0110, Lower Level


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  1. Brian Bailey says:

    Clickers are a great way of getting learners engaged in their classes by making said classes interactive (or clicker happy as I like to put it)! I used to work for PLATO Learning Inc. and we used clickers to great effect during large-scale corporate meetings and conferences. Participants loved it – especially in polling situations – kind of reminded me of Family Feud….SURVEY SAYS!!!

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