Flickr Galleries

Flickr has added a cool new feature to its repetoire – galleries

This feature allows one to create a collection/set of other people’s photos

I can see some interesting uses for this – including a “webquest” of sorts for students….

As students to create a gallery of minerals or silicate minerals… or other types. Specify that they cannot use more than 2 photos from anyone person.. and ask them to create an introduction that describes what those minerals are, why they are important..

Ask them to create a gallery of photos on a topic, and reflect on the significance, or what they learned…”

Hmmm… maybe that would be a good intro exercise for students to find examples corresponding to items on the geologist’s “Lifetime list”…

If all students have their own account, ask them to create galleries for a specific purpose from other students’ photos…

All kinds of ideas floating…

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