Kraft Cracker Chips?

I went to Walmart and walked down the cracker section, I noticed “Special K’s  Cracker Chips”.  First, Kellogg! A known cereal brand is making crackers chips?  Second, what is a cracker chip?

The  packaging looks similar to Kellogg’s cereal box. If I just took a glance, I might have mistaken it for the cereal.

Kellogg signature cereal, Special K is known for helping women to “slim down”. Kellogg introduced it’s cracker chips two years go, trying to adjust itself to the trend of the market. Sanjeev Khan, head of specialty at Kellogg’s, explained:

We believe Special K Cracker Crisps will be the next big driver of such growth by tapping into the huge market of women who want the best of both from crisps – all of the want and taste but none of the worry or guilty


Special K cereal is more tailored towards women, primarily mid 30’s because that’s when family forms and women’s life gets too hectic to keep track of their diet.  I think what Kellogg is doing is great with product development (current market, new product). Special K cereal is a successful “weight-watcher” cereal so introducing a snack in replacement of competitor’s brand can aid in their brand image of not only being a cereal brand. This brand extension of a cracker chip may be confusing to some consumers because when looking for a snack to satisfy your cravings but as well as maintaing your weight, you might associate chips with being bad and saturated in fat but a cracker can be whole grain, less sodium and a healthier choice. It may only be for me but I tend to associate chips with party snacks and crackers to snacks throughout the day.


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