Final Blog Post: Reflect

What did you learn about your team, yourself and marketing? 

I’ve always had a misconception of what marketing really was. When someone said they were a marketing student, I thought they did sales, promotion and advertisement. I learned that marketing is more complex and has an analytical aspect to it as it involves strategizing and researching.  It was difficult at first because in the start it was a “getting to know you” process but as we learned individual strength and weaknesses, we used that to our advantage. For myself, I learned that it’s good to take initiatives but don’t over do.

What skills did you enhance or develop, if any? 

I enhanced my team-working skills because as I got to know each team member more, I learnt what worked with our team the best. I also developed better editing skills. I have not written essay’s since last year so my writing was a bit rusty at first but as we worked through the assignments, I started becoming more aware of my mistakes.

What would you do differently next time? 

I would match the assignments with the rubric more closely next time. For the first assignment, I did not realize that the rubric was in the assignment submission folder.

What are you top takeaways? 

Do a lot of research on your company but be clear and concise. Also, grammar is important! Don’t neglect your grammar! Start early and finish great.

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