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I’ve always had a fondness of blogging but  haven’t stayed committed to blogging regularly. I think I should start this summer. It’s already April 2013, and I can not believe a year ago I was finished my first year at Queens. I’ve gotten a lot of questions asked this year when people heard I went to Queen’s University. The most common one was “why did you leave Queen’s University?”. I have probably answered this tireless times over the past eight months. The next one is “Why did you choose Queen’s?”. The answer to the first question is that I realized Queen’s University was not right for me. I was in International Relations and Economics minor but I did not know if I wanted to continue my path in this. I knew I had a dying love for International Relations but I wanted more. I thought pairing business and my interest in Global Development was a good idea. Kingston, if anyone has been there is a “lonely” town. Lonely in the sense that it has no apparent towers or buildings. It’s quite the typically University town with a lot of restaurants but lacking in night life. Now the second question, “Why did I choose Queens?”, to be honest, I don’t remember why I choose Queens. I remember I was deliberating between University of Toronto and Queens but I knew Queens was one of the best liberal arts school and it was well known for that. The exact details, I’m not sure.

Returning and becoming a transfer student from out of province was definitely difficult. It felt like being a Frosh once more (Frosh is 1st year newbies, I’m not sure what UBC calls 1st year students) and it was hard adjusting since everyone seemed to have found their “place” at UBC. I felt like the odd pickle in first semester and a bit out of place. While everyone familiarized themselves with UBC, I did not know where Buchanan was or any other building besides the SUB, Library, Sauder and Bookstore. To be frank, I experienced reverse culture shock. I know I graduated from the most “asian” high school but at Queens, Asian’s were the minority. Just seeing a swarm of Asians on the first day of school scared me (not being in any way negative towards Asian).

Business students are quite the studs. I learned a lot this year and one of my closet friends from Queen’s quoted that “I grew up from last year”. That was quite the self-accomplishment. Internal transfers are not easy but being one of the few out of province transfers proved to be the challenge this year.

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