Actor-Network Theory

This advanced research methods course focuses on field experiences in Actor-Network Theory (ANT) and more specifically on data collection and analysis in the Humanities and Social Sciences.  ANT has proven to be remarkably creative and immensely productive (e.g., Science and Technology Studies (STS) as well as a diverse range of disciplines including Anthropology, Education, Environmental Studies, Geography, History, Law, Literary Theory, Media Studies, Medicine, Ontology, Sociology, and Urban Planning).  The course is a combination of fieldwork and seminar for masters students in early stages of research and doctoral students in advanced stages.  We focus on After Method: Mess in Social Science Research to explore current trends in ANT fieldwork and philosophy.

Syllabus Download Fieldwork in Actor-Network Theory syllabus (2014) Lecture Notes (2014)

  1. EDCP 501 Lecture Notes (Methods in / of STS) (18 Sept 2013)
  1. EDCP 585 Lecture Notes (Actor-Network Theory)
    1. EDCP 585 Lecture Notes (STS Controversies) 22 April 2019)
      1. Link to Video of Latour explaining MACOSPOL (Mapping Controversies)
      2. EDCP 585 Lecture Notes (Mapping Controversies) (10 Oct 2014)
    2. EDCP 585 Lecture Notes (History of ANT I) (Networkery) (22 April 2019)
    3. EDCP 585 Lecture Notes (History of ANT II) (ANT Actors) (22 April 2019)
    4. EDCP 585 Lecture Notes (History of ANT III) (22 April 2019)
    5. EDCP 585 Lecture Notes (ANT Issues) (22 April 2019)
    6. EDCP 585 Lecture Notes (ANT Fieldwork) (8 Feb 2019)
    7. EDCP 585 Lecture Notes (Guide to Fieldwork in ANT) (23 Dec 2014)
      1. See Video Ethnography Course
      2. A-N Analysis
      3. Fur Controversy Codebook
      4. Fur Controversy Thesis Statements
      5. Fur Controversy QDA example

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