Bruno Latour & STS

Seminar on Bruno Latour & STS

This seminar focuses on recent work of Bruno Latour, arguably the most creative and challenging scholar of Science & Technology Studies (STS).  Latour’s reputation and scholarship traverses an extremely wide range of disciplines in addition to STS (e.g., anthropology, art, education, environmental studies, geography, history, law, philosophy, political science, sociology, theology, etc.).  Following a survey of Latour’s work and the postsecular turn in STS, we will focus on three new texts: An Inquiry into Modes of Existence (2013), Rejoicing or the Torments of Religious Speech (2013), and On the Modern Cult of the Factish Gods (2010). The seminar is interdisciplinary and inviting, and students from any and all disciplines are encouraged to enroll.  We will work systematically through these texts to closely examine Latour’s strategies for doing STS.

Link to AIME Infrastructure
Link to Video of Latour explaining AIME
Link to Review of French edition of AIME by Stephen Muecke

Download Seminar on Bruno Latour & STS syllabus (2013)
Download Seminar on Bruno Latour & STS syllabus (2009)

Lecture Notes (2013)
Download STS Seminar Lecture Notes (2013)

  1. EDCP 501 Lecture Notes (History of STS) (18 Sept 2013)
  2. EDCP 501 Lecture Notes (Bruno Latour & STS)
    1. Bruno Latour & STS, Part 1 (26 Sept 2013)
    2. Bruno Latour & STS, Part 2 (tba Oct 2013)
  3. EDCP 501 Lecture Notes (Methods in / of STS) (18 Sept 2013)
  4. EDCP 501 Lecture Notes (ANT) (26 Sept 2013)
  5. EDCP 501 Lecture Notes (ANT Actors)
    1. ANT Actors I (21 Nov 2016)
  6. EDCP 501 Lecture Notes (Key Concepts & Processes in STS) (tba Nov 2013)
    1. Figuration (30 Oct 2013)
    2. Symmetry
    3. Irreduction
    4. Ecologization
  7. EDCP 501 Lecture Notes (AIME) (tba Oct-Nov 2013)
    1. AIME (tba Oct 2013)
    2. Pragmatism (16 Oct 2013)
    3. Modes of Existence (tba Nov 2013)
    4. Instauration (tba Nov 2013)
    5. Concretion (tba Nov 2013)
  8. EDCP 501 Lecture Notes (Postsecular Turn  in STS) (tba Nov 2013)

Lecture Notes (2009)
Download STS Pandora’s Hope Seminar Lecture Questions (2009)

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