Video Analysis Resources


  1. Tik Tok
  2.  Twitter / Twitter

Reality School

  1. This is High School (Kamloops, BC, 2016) (w/  10 sec Snaps, etc.) *You can find the full episodes by searching the web: “this is high school” videos
  2. Are Our Kids Tough Enough?


  1. Why Do These Kids Love School? (Documentary, 1990)
  2. NFB Documentaries (varies)
  3. IVTS offers a range of video docs
  4. (e.g., Please Vote for Me)  &
  5. Adamamartha (Documentary, 2015)
  6. Lisa Ling (Documentary, Inside the ‘Startup’ College, 2016)
  7. Manufactured Landscapes (Documentary, Edward Burtynsky, 2005)

Ethnographic Video Databases

  1. Ethnographic Video for Instruction and Analysis (EVIA)
  2. Ethnographic Video Online (access via UBC Library / Indexes and Databases)

Historical Fiction Collection

  1. Heritage Minutes