Student Seminar – Information Processing in the Brain: From Single Neurons to Neural Circuits

Join us for UNC’s third Student Seminar of the year this week!

Time: Thursday March 22 @ 5:30 PM
Location: The Nest – Kingsmill Forum on the 4th floor
Student Presenter: Alireza Kamyabi
Title: “Information Processing in the Brain: From Single Neurons to Neural Circuits”
Snacks and Coffee will be provided.

In this seminar, we will trace the advancement of neuroscience from the study of single neuron to neural circuits and explore an exciting and emerging topic in neuroscience that is not extensively covered in the current undergraduate curriculum; namely the emergent properties of neural circuits and how behaviour is specified by distinct neuronal populations. As example, we will look at neural circuits governing innate social behaviours and memory and introduce the experimental techniques used to study large neural populations.

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