October 31, 2019

PKM Restricts Dendritic Arbor Growth by Filopodial and Branch Stabilization within the Intact and Awake Developing Brain

Our November Journal Club will be happening on Monday, Nov 4, from 6-7pm in PCOH 1003!

For next week’s Journal Club, we will be going over a paper on the effects of PKM (a type of kinase) on filopodial dendritic arbor growth. It’s a really neat paper that looks at the molecular mechanisms underlying neuronal maturation during early brain development. So if you’re interested in neurons and cool images, come and check the journal club out!

Read the paper here! Try to at least skim it before the meeting to get familiar with the concepts and figures.

Don’t worry if you didn’t make it to the last meeting – everyone is welcome! This event requires paid membership to attend. Membership is only $5, and will grant you free entry into all of our events until the end of the academic year! Hope to see you all there!