Foundation Skills Asessment

It’s testing time for BC’s grade 4s and grade 7s. Every year the issue receives discussion and debate. In fact, the provincial government has even introduced a motion in the house in support of the foundation skills assessment.

Be it resolved that this House support the Foundation Skills Assessment as it provides valuable information on how well BC students are learning skills necessary to succeed in life.

Read yesterday’s debate by downloading this file

The BCTF’s information on the FSA tests can be foundhere.

The BCCPAC also has a press release distributed today on the FSA. Download press release here.

The Ministry of Education’s publication for parents on Foundation Skills Assessments can be found here. This publication is available in several languages other than English here Also, the government provides explanations of the test results here.

The BCSPE also has testing related info on their web page.

And for those interested in seeing how one neo-conservative lobby uses FSAs click here.