The Fraser Institure Comes to Town: on location in Prince Rupert

The Fraser Institute report card has hit the streets and throughout BC community members are scanning the list to see where they ranked. Schools in Prince Rupert have faired very poorly from the Fraser institute report. Lead author, Peter Cowley came to town last night to defend his report card.

The issue is covered by a Prince Rupert blog, A town called Podunk.

Thursday’s Prince Rupert Daily News covers the visit of Peter Cowley(Download fultext version here.). As reported in the Daily News Crowley repeated the same arguments that the F.I. uses in every case -competition is good.

“The idea of rating as an incentive (from) positive competition is something we accept in virtually every other area of society.”

To paraphrase Mr. Cowley it would seem that according to the F.I. excellence comes through competition. The fact that the F.I. rankings do not take into account socio-economic factors is irrelevant. Furthermore, the F.I. would appear to argue that only through the public humiliation of being ranked low enough will failing districts and schools finally shape up. It’s a harsh dog-eat-dog vision of education and one that might be appropriate for warfare but seems far removed from the reality of progressive and effective education.

Read the Daily News article on the Fraser Institute report. Download file here.

Read the Prince Rupert School District press release on the F.I. report. Download file

on location in Prince Rupert