Vancouver School Board Budget Process

Vancouver Trustees quietly sat through eleven presentations by concerned members of the community. Aside from an occasional question of clarification the Trustees had nothing to say. Perhaps it is hard to say anything in the face of a prolonged and sustained attack against public education. This year’s cuts will be almost 10 straight years of budget deficits for Vancouver. The cuts being made now may seem to some as minor and insignificant. Please don’t be fooled. Even the school board’s own budget materials make it clear that, from an educational point of view, what is being done is not in the best interests of maintaining a quality public education.

Delegations at last nights meeting were: Friends of the School Library; Race Relations Advisory Committee; Vancouver Inner City Education Society; Britannia PAC; Special Education Advisory Committee; CUPE 15; Queen Mary School PAC; Nightingale School; ESL Network; Mary Salley and children; Point Grey/Sty Wet Tan Secondary School Community.

Listen to the presentations here icon_mp3.png

Special Education Advisory Committee presentation.Download file