Culture in the Classroom Conference, Prince Rupert

Returning Home: Anthropological Research & Curriculum Development with Gitxaala Nation

Workshop part of the Culture in the Classroom Conference
Prince Rupert, April 27, 2007

This session documented and critiqued the ongoing research relations between UBC and Gitxaala Nation with an emphasis on our research and curriculum development within the context of the Forests and Oceans for the Future project. Drawing upon the project team’s research and curriculum development for Gitxaała we presented a perspective that places primacy upon First Nations epistemology and pedagogy in the development of an inclusive curricula. Forests and Oceans for the Future is an ecological knowledge research project based at UBC and conducted in collaboration with Gitxaała Nation. A key objective of the project has been to develop useful curriculum materials that maintain Gitxaała knowledge within the community. The underlying approach that has emerged is one that places an indigenous perspective at the heart of our work. This workshop was designed to share our experiences and to engage other educators in the process.

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