Post-Secondary Education Facing Serious Cutbacks

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SFU is facing a huge budget deficit because of chronic underfunding. Because of this university budget crunch, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is being forced to cut an extra 9% from the budget for sessionals and TAs on top of the 22% cut last year.

Similar cuts are hitting UBC, U Vic, UNBC, and other public post-secondary institutions. But, very little is heard of this in the news. Sometimes the cuts seem small -the 1.8% across the board cut in the Faculty of Arts at UBC, for example. But the ongoing cumulative effects of such cuts is an overall worsening of the situation.

In the middle of one of the most expansive post WWII periods of growth, in the face of an Olympic construction boom, our provincial government is squeezing the public education system. It begs the question why?