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On January 10, 2008, VSB announced its Educational Facilities Review and its plan to collect feedback through a series of public meetings, surveys, school team reports, and delegate presentations to the Board of Trustees. At stake is a proposal to:

  • Close Queen Elizabeth Annex;
  • Carry out seismic renovations at Queen Mary, Jules Quesnel, and Queen Elizabeth; and
  • Build 2 new schools at UBC.

On March 11, 2008, the Board of Trustees will deliberate and vote for or against the proposal in its current state or a revised version of the proposal based on feedback received.

Residents in UEL and UNA desperately need the 2 new schools recommended in the proposal. Although the provincial government, who is responsible for providing funds to build new schools, approved the expansion of the current UHill Secondary school from 325 to 675 student spaces, it did not approve funds to build a new elementary school due to excess space in the district.

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