What’s the deal with math?

The BC Society for Public Education is running a survey about math, parents and tutoring. Vancouver District Parents’ Advisory Council will also be holding a forum on Math in early March. It seems to be a growing concern. What’s the deal with math? Check out the survey here.
BC Math Survey Final

One thought on “What’s the deal with math?

  1. Does this math survey work? I tried to complete it but it did not seem to send. I’m not sure that I had all the pages, because it went back to the beginning.

    Although I have had 4 kids in math without tutoring and they have mostly done well (except for one child who was in remedial math for 3 years of elementary school, but that was in-school, not tutoring), I still have concerns about the math curriculum. I wish the survey collected that information. I think that the Principles of Math program is not appropriate or useful for a lot of students, but they have no other option if they want to go on to university or, in many cases, a trade. Applications is not taught in many places. And the elementary math curriculum is designed to destroy all interest in math. As well, I think it would be useful if elementary teachers were required to take at least some university level math for their teaching degree. I think more students would succeed if the math curriculum were retooled, and there are many secondary math teachers out there who have tried to do that, but can’t.

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