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am i reading shakespeare or sophocles

actually though, i was told in the past that greek tragedies are very interesting and it ends out the same way as shakespeare tragedies do: EVERYBODY DIES

but i feel like in antigone, there was some sort of moral to be told at the end of it. i haven’t quite grasped what it was yet, but i feel like it was along the lines of, ‘its too late to apologize and make up for your mistakes now look what you’ve done kreon your entire family is dead because you refused to give polyneices a proper funeral’

…like i said, i haven’t quite grasped it yet.

either way, i actually enjoyed the story, i thought it was sad and interesting all at once. i read summaries of the first two plays in the trilogy, and would want to read the first two plays as well! there are a lot of prophecies and morals that are being tossed about, and those types of stories are always interesting to me.

max told me that sophocles was pretty awesome, and he told me about the story of tiresias. the reason why hes a blind prophet was because he was walking around and he found this snake and he bopped it on the head and then it changed his sex to female. so he went living life for 10 years as a girl and then got kind of tired of it so he found the snake again and bopped it on the head again and it changed his sex back.

so this royal couple (i cant remember) was having an argument about who gets more pleasure from sex, the female or the male, and the lady was saying that the male was and the male was saying that the female was. so they asked tiresias because he has lived life as both and he said that the lady gets more pleasure from sex. the lady got angry for disagreeing with him and blinded him, or something like that.

the more you know! excited for the lecture tomorrow!


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its not even my week to write but whatever

let me just say that i read gorgias in three sittings and each time i had to lay down for a bit to think about what i just read. it was a lot to take in!

but basically, gorgias affirmed my opinion of plato; hes and asshole, and he also idolized socrates to the point where its almost like a creepy, fetishistic, obsession. i mean, barely anything is known about socrates other than what plato has written. socrates fanfiction, like i said!

either way, plato/socrates had a very narrow mind about it all. the way he explained what was just and what was unjust; he made it seem like everything is black and white, like every moral thing had a very specific definition and something HAD to follow that definition exactly to be considered that. he basically took a lot of things that are subjective and depending on the circumstances or situation and put them into separate boxes.

thats also why i felt like his style of Q&A kind of… changed. he was trying to take all these subjective, wibbly-wobbly things and forcing them into boxes when they were too volatile to be kept into these tiny definitive containers. so it escaped his grasp, and he got flustered to the point where he started to do a Q&A… with himself…

well, that could explain why socrates had a different style/approach in this text. who knows why plato decided to write that, though. i like to imagine that plato felt like his character of “socrates” became too perfect and too morally good, so he decided to give socrates some humility or something to prove that hes human and a believable character. hey, it fits the whole theme of socrates fanfiction, at least. gotta make your characters believable… even though socrates was a real person…?

oh plato, you mysterious, elusive asshole. we love you and hate you all at once, i swear to god.

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hello world!!

hello everyone!

nicole here! and this is officially my first post on this blog! wow, where do i start…

i was born and raised in east vancouver, and i went to windermere secondary school. im 100% chinese, but i dont speak any of it…

im 17 years old, turning 18 this december 31st (hint, hint) and im just under 5 feet tall. i own two really fat pugs named spanky and rizzo, and i live about an hour away from UBC with my mum and my grandparents.

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