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leviathan and hobbes

first of all, my apologies were not attending lecture today! i woke up and felt really sick and decided that stuffing myself into crowded buses for 2 hours and then a lecture hall for 2 hours would not be good idea, haha. hopefully the lecture comes out on video soon so i can watch it, though!

so… i think ive found myself a pattern where i really dislike philosophers. first plato, and now hobbes… i just cant really understand their trains of thought (HA) or understand their points, really.

halfway through i realized that hobbes is really just laying his ideas down and then he started to explain them and expand on them.

but what im really confused at is why does he say that something will stay in motion until something else stops it, and then later says that nature… cannot dictate the laws of the world… when that motion is a nature of law and physics… and then he says that a sovereign must dictate laws of the world…

yet he is dictating laws of the world so hobbes are you saying that you should be king

i dont understand you oh my gosh.


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doctor faustus’s wonderful adventure!!!

seriously though, i would love to have some sort of magical adventure where i can travel and do magic and just do AWESOME things. itd be so cool to be like a witch or something, yeah!!

but after reading doctor faustus i… am not sure how to feel. like with antigone, im not sure what the theme was? i mean, he became greedy, he wanted more than just what the regular world had to offer to him, so he did that deal with the devil for 24 years, trade amazing magics!! for his soul

but like… did he expect for the deal to just be forgotten? and just not happen? theres some moral to this story like… dont be greedy or youll have to pay the consequences?

also wow that is a gruesome way to go, being pulled to hell and having someone just find your limbs… gross

looking forward to the lecture tomorrow so i can actually make sense of all this!


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its almost 3 am

so to give a brief context for this, i have had a 4 month dramatic feud that i was not interested in being in, and it has just ended today with me cutting off all ties with the other person. it was for the best, but talking to her and listening to what she had to say actually related to my thesis!

i was going to do prompt 8, “the blind must walk where others lead.” what significance might this line have for the play as a whole?

my thesis was going to play upon two common phrases, justice is blind (kreon), love is blind (antigone), but i thought of another thing that i could use for my thesis after that fight, pride. i found the phrase ‘pride is blinding’, which i was going to link to kreon. this entire paper will be a kreon analysis/appreciation in the end… but think of it, that sounds so pretty!

love is blind, justice is blind, but pride is blinding

to love is to be blind, you fall in love and you become blinded by love, when you are in love you are blind

antigone is blinded by her love for polyneices so she does reckless things like defy the edict and the king, disown her own sister, confront the king about her actions

justice is blind, lady justice sees it how it is, she is unbiased, she is just, she is fair, she sees the situation with no bias, it doesnt matter who you are, justice doesnt see connections, relationships, familial ties, or any of that, with lady justice you could be a lowly beggar or you could be a ruler, if you commit a crime, you will be dealt the same punishment

kreon was blinded by justice, he wanted polyneices to suffer post mortem because of his attack on the state, nevertheless the fact that eteokles had his rule for far too long, polyneices attacked the state and thats what matters, he deserves to be punished, antigone defied his edict, she must be punished, she is one of two sisters left in the family but he doesnt care, she broke his law and she deserves the punishment

pride is blinding, when you think about it when you start to become confident and proud you focus on yourself and that isn’t a bad thing, focus on yourself, get yourself places, feel proud of your accomplishments, but don’t get too proud and don’t get cocky, because thats when you start to get self absorbed, sooner or later youre so absorbed in yourself, bathed in pride, that youre blind to the world, you have no concern for others, just yourself

and when you get pulled down from your high horse, you get stubborn, like

how dare you teiresias tell me that i am the reason the state is sick, how could i be the cause of this, my decisions and rulings are just (see?) and it will all work out my way-


i feel like this is the start of a good paper. hope you enjoyed that… “prose”. i mean thats a very rough outline of what my paper will be like, but as long as i can get my evidences and stuff detailed out tonight before i go to sleep ill be able to write a good paper tomorrow!

…and then play pokemon x.


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