doctor faustus’s wonderful adventure!!!

seriously though, i would love to have some sort of magical adventure where i can travel and do magic and just do AWESOME things. itd be so cool to be like a witch or something, yeah!!

but after reading doctor faustus i… am not sure how to feel. like with antigone, im not sure what the theme was? i mean, he became greedy, he wanted more than just what the regular world had to offer to him, so he did that deal with the devil for 24 years, trade amazing magics!! for his soul

but like… did he expect for the deal to just be forgotten? and just not happen? theres some moral to this story like… dont be greedy or youll have to pay the consequences?

also wow that is a gruesome way to go, being pulled to hell and having someone just find your limbs… gross

looking forward to the lecture tomorrow so i can actually make sense of all this!


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