silencing the past

first of all im really happy with this book becausr i absolutely love history and im planning on majoring in it and oh my gosh the insight in this book is awesome. im pretty sure half the class will think this book is super boring ahaha

its just. i love trouillots argument about the line of fiction and history!!! its so true too, a lot of situations come up in the news talking about new circumstances for an old war or secret treaties or an extreme bias in a past source. bias is super important to consider when studying any piece of history and i seriously love learning and finding the context of any primary source to find out what they really mean, their situation and stuff!

im lookin forward to the llecture tonight hehehe


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  1. Yes, I agree that this book brings up a lot of interesting arguments about how history is made. It would be great if you had a bit more detail about the book, one or more of his arguments or passages from the text, to fill out this fairly short blog post, though!

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