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Questions & Answers

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by my colleagues on the CTLT Indigenous Initiatives team around the intersections of open and Indigenization, Wikipedia, and more:

How did you become interested in learning about Indigenous engagement, specifically connecting to your own role at CTLT?

I have had the opportunity to work with great colleagues on the CTLT Indigenious Initiatives team as well as with UBC faculty and scholars engaged in this area – I’ve learned a lot and have been challenged, in the best way, by being asked such critical questions as “What does open education mean when it is practiced on unceded territory?”.

There are often tensions within open – for example, a large component of open education is grounded in the use of open copyright licenses, such as those developed by Creative Commons, that can give legal permission for the reuse and modification of materials and resources that have those licenses. Such open licenses are not apart from copyright but work within it; however, copyright law is often based on settler colonial legal frameworks which can be in conflict with traditional knowledge and ways of knowing as well as with community and cultural protocols.

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