BCcampus Festival of Learning 2018

Every couple of years, BCcampus organizes a Festival of Learning, a large gathering of people who come together for sessions on educational technology, open education, scholarly approaches to teaching and learning, and more.  There was an open education ethics session held at the 2018 Festival of Learning, May 28-30, 2018, in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Title: How to ruin an open education initiative at your institution


What does it take to ruin an open education initiative at your institution? How can you ensure that everything you have worked hard for fails and you end up supporting a closed system?

In this session, participants will actively engage in dissecting what it would take to ruin an open education movement at an institution. Facilitators will host an unconventional, interactive format that will have participants talking, brainstorming, and supporting each other as they discussion the challenges of open education at an institutional level.

Participants will have the opportunity to take these lessons learned from outlining how to ruin an open education initiative and then work in groups to flip the conversation to creating processes to work towards a successful open education initiative. This session is an opportunity for participants to critically reflect on the open education movement across BC and in particular at an institutional level.

Facilitators: Amanda Coolidge, Rajiv Jhangiani, Rosario Passos.
The session used the TRIZ format, as many other sessions in this series have done. This means that the discussion was guided by a series of questions that invited participants to think about a worst case scenario, what they might be doing that resembles that, and then how to stop doing those things. Participants broke into small groups to discuss each of the questions.
This session was somewhat different than the others in this series in that the focus was not on the open education movement generally, but rather on open education initiatives at particular institutions, and how they might go well or badly. This session also did not have virtual participants, as some of the other sessions have.
Questions asked:
  1. How can you ensure that you destroy the open education initiative at your institution?
  2. What things is your institution doing that resemble, in any way, the list we just created?
  3. How are you going to stop doing these things? What are the first steps?

Please see the session notes on a google doc for how the small groups answered these questions during the session.

Suggested citation for this post (APA style):

Hendricks, C. (2018, August 6). Festival of Learning: How to ruin an open education initiative at your institution. Open Education Ethics. Retrieved from https://blogs.ubc.ca/openeducationethics/2018/08/06/bccampus-festival-of-learning/


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