OER18 and OEglobal 2018

A group of people (see list below) facilitated conversations around “Breaking Open” at the OER18 conference and again at the OE Global 2018 conference. Most information about these sessions can be found on a post on the Towards-Openness site; here is a brief overview.

These sessions focused on issues around equity and inclusion, specifically trying to include voices from the Global South. The blog post some of the facilitators wrote for the OER18 conference provides some background on the kinds of questions we were raising, as well as one overall, provocative question:

How do we use openness to exclude, overpower and/or oppress marginalized individuals, communities, knowledge systems?
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Open Education 2017: How can we destroy the open education movement?

How can we destroy the open education movement? Conversations about ethics

OpenEd17: The 14th Annual Open Education Conference, October 11 – 13, 2017, Anaheim, CA


Openness is a process that requires and benefits from critical reflection. We believe that facilitating and stimulating critical discussion/debate about the contours and direction of the open education movement (OEM) is essential to its flourishing. In this spirit, the proposed session is intended as a space for participants to unearth and critically explore timely, perhaps uncomfortable questions that may not be at the surface of what we are doing as individuals or as collaborators within the OEM. The facilitators in this session do not have answers. Rather, we host an unconventional, interactive format designed to expose difficult topics and support innovative interventions. The session format supports both in-person and remote (online) attendees working together on outlining and discussing pressing ethical questions in the OEM. This session allows participants to engage in a critical conversation that is liberating, paradigm challenging, constructive, and inspiring.

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