CC Global Summit 2018

An open education ethics workshop was held at the Creative Commons Global Summit, April 13-15, 2018 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Title: How might we destroy the open education movement? An interactive discussion about ethics, inclusion, and equity.


Openness is a process that requires and benefits from critical reflection. In this interactive session, participants will unearth and critically explore places of discord and incongruence between the practices of the OEM [open education movement] and CC community and their values/philosophy/ethos, including those of diversity, inclusivity, and equity. The session format supports both in-person and virtual (online) attendees. The artifacts produced during the session will be shared afterwards so that others may use them to reflect and contribute to an ongoing conversation about the CC community, inclusivity, and ethics.

Facilitators: Claire Coulter, Helen DeWaard, Terry Greene, Jenni Hayman, and Rajiv Jhangiani.

The format was similar to the Open Education 2017 conference session, but without there being virtual participants–the participants were only those who were onsite in the room. Using the TRIZ format, the facilitators engaged participants in discussing three questions, designed to elicit worst case scenarios, what is happening that somewhat resembles that/could lead to that, and then what can be done to stop moving towards that unwanted end.

Questions asked:

  1. If we were invested in ensuring Open Education is not open, what actions would we take?
  2. What things are we doing that resembles, in any way, the list we just created? Be unforgiving!
  3. How are we going to stop doing these things? What are the first steps? Be as concrete as you can!

Please see the notes from the session, providing participants’ answers to these questions.

Suggested citation for this post (APA style):

Hendricks, C. (2018, August 6). CC Global Summit 2018: How might we destroy the open education movement? Open Education Ethics. Retrieved from

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