The Historic O’Keefe Ranch outside of Vernon was the second location for on-site collection.

It was decided that only a two-person team made up of Alex and myself were required for scanning the chosen objects at this site. We set up in a main room of the Greenhow Museum, in which we were able to discuss our project with passing museum patrons, and glance around at the artifacts.

We worked together on scanning the Ranch’s collection of magic lantern slides: glass projection slides from the early 20th century. Though most slides had cardboard borders that prevented the glass from scraping our scanners, protective sheets had to be used for some of the more deteriorated slides. The slides mostly contained World War I illustrations, photographs of Ireland, England, Egypt, an English Royal visit to India, and scenes from the Bible. Despite no local photography, it was an impressive collection.

The slides required multiple scans, one for the reflective border, one for the transparent image, in the end it amounted to over 650 scans, a grand total of 395 objects. 631 more images and the associated data were migrated from the Museum’s computer. Many of these were the photographs and textual documents of the O’Keefes, noting other historic families of the Okanagan Valley.

Naturally, lunch breaks were spent wandering the ranch, so I got to make friends with some baby goats.