Every Monday teams of learners vote on their inquiry subject for future study. Folks at the Paper Bag Academy will then find qualified subject matter experts and design age-appropriate activities for each team. A team is a cohort of 4-10 folks in the same age category (see below for a list of age categories).

Teachers will send instructions for learners about what to pack in their own paper bag at home. Don’t forget to pack a snack! If food is scarce in your home, let us know and we will liaison with the food bank and volunteers to try to have snacks delivered to the learners’ homes. We will work to create confidential ways for you to let us know you need food assistance while respecting your families’ privacy and dignity.

Every Friday each team will show case their week’s learning in a big group show-and-tell session. Learners will finish with their reflections on their week and post their burning curiosities that they would like to explore the next week at the Paper Bag Academy.