US Bred Foxes

Given the unique temperament and disposition of these foxes, Anya and company appear to be potentially suitable pets. However, there are far more pet foxes owned in North America than the small number Kalmanson has imported over from Russia. If these foxes did not come from the Russian domestic population, where did they come from?

Several USDA licensed exotic animal breeders across the United States breed and sell foxes to the public. The foxes from these breeders are of the aforementioned ranched variety, originating from foxes obtained from fur farms. They are much cheaper than the Russian domestics, usually selling between $250-$500, and far more convenient to obtain for residents of the United States (Hillview Exotics, 2015; Tiny Tracks; n.d.). Thus it makes sense that a majority of the pet foxes found in America are obtained through these breeders.

Ron the red fox came from a USDA breeder based in Oklahoma. (Source)