Using Social Media to Build a Class on Social Media


By Catherine Rawn

Over the next year I’ll be developing a course called the Psychology of Social Media, which I will teach as Psyc 325 in January 2016 at UBC. This course is currently listed as a developmental course, but we will emphasize themes of social and personality psychology (which relate to identity and personality development). I’m excited to be developing this new, rich course, and have already begun brainstorming.

I’m hoping to gather some resources by attending relevant sessions as well as engage with the crowd itself using social media (I know… meta!). I have created the following GoogleDoc to help me (and anyone else who finds it useful) build a set of readings and other resources for a Psychology of Social Media course.

Have ideas? Post them here! Want ideas? Gather them here! More

This post was originally posted on Catherine Rawn’s adventures in teaching and learning blog.

Rawn_Psych_WebCatherine Rawn is a tenure-track faculty member in the Learning Enhancement area of the Department of Psychology at UBC. She specializes in teaching and educational leadership. Rawn teaches learners introductory psychology, research methods and statistics, and social psychology. Follow her on Twitter: @cdrawn


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