Dr. Catherine D. Rawn

I am a faculty member in the Learning Enhancement area of the Psychology Department at UBC. My title is Professor of Teaching, which means I am a tenured and promoted faculty member who specializes in Teaching and Educational Leadership. (Want to know more about that role? Here is a useful, developing resource about what Educational Leadership means at UBC, including a brief history of the rank.)

My academic training is in experimental social psychology, with an emphasis on quantitative methods. This background has influenced both what and how I teach.

The goal of my teaching practice is to help people develop ways of thinking and doing that are informed by the methods and evidence of quantitative psychology, and that will prepare them to engage in their social worlds throughout their lives. Teaching techniques I use provide opportunities for students to engage deeply with the material and their peers (e.g., two-stage exams, in-class activities and responses, collaborative projects, peer review of written work). Learn more about my approach to teaching here and my courses here.

My Educational Leadership work has two main areas of focus. First, I pursue EL as a way to engage and build capacity among colleagues toward teaching excellence. Second, I pursue EL as an opportunity to examine and work to change structures in higher education to support positive transformation. Some of the roles and ways I have pursued these goals include: Chairing the Faculty of Arts Curriculum Committee, leading the Psychology Department’s BA Curriculum Renewal process as Chair of the Curriculum Committee, building resources for and mentoring graduate students and colleagues in teaching, Chairing the Educational Leadership Network Engagement Team (formerly Instructor Network Leadership Team), and conducting research on teaching focused faculty streams in higher education.

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