Recruiting for the Visual Attention/Perception Study of Men With and Without Prostate Cancer

There is a new study looking at vision and perception in prostate cancer patients. The study is a collaborative project between researchers Drs. Alan Kingstone and Richard Wassersug at UBC, and Dr. Jaime Palmer-Hague at Trinity Western University in Langley.

The study will compare the perceptual responses of men with prostate cancer to that of age-matched men without prostate cancer, and more generally, seeks to investigate the ways in which people view, understand, and interact with visual stimuli. The study is especially important for prostate cancer patients on certain drugs that might affect their mood and attention. We hope that the results of this research can help them understand, appreciate, and adapt to the side effects of such treatment.

The study is recruiting men who do not have prostate cancer for a comparison group as well as all prostate cancer patients aged 50 and over, regardless of their treatment history. We would be particularly interested in patients who have and have not been on hormone therapy. If a patient has had hormone therapy, we would be interested in their participation whether they are in an “on” or “off” cycle of the treatment.

This study has Institutional Review Board approval from both UBC and TWU. The study is completely non-invasive. It will take place at the UBC campus.

It is a fun experience that is a one shot deal and should take less than a half hour of your time. One concern might be the cost of parking. Your cost will be covered.

To learn more about this research project or take part please contact:

Your participation will help psychologists understand how prostate cancer treatments influence visual attention and perception for men with the disease.

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