Week 10: Power to the People

It was very cool to learn about the effect that radio had on Latin American politics when it was introduced. I think the radio helped to propel populism because it was a method of media that was easily accessed by everybody- regardless of where you were from or your level of literacy. The radio allowed the working class and lower class to feel united. And in a way, the radio kind of broke the wall between the elites and the lower class. If the elites wanted to feel part of the nation- they had to listen to the same radio stations as the rest of the country.
It’s interesting to think about the time when radio was introduced into the world. It must have been an amazing innovation for people who had never before been able to have an opinion about politics or access to information. We have never experienced living in a world without mass media- I can’t imagine what it would be like to not have radio…or television or Facebook. Even though it is sort of an illusion, it’s always nice to go on Facebook and feel a connection to other people who are feeling and thinking similar thoughts to your own.
I also liked learning about Cardenas. The way he lead in Mexico seemed very impressive to me. The way he lead is how I imagined government worked before I was old enough to know better. The fact that he gave up his a lot of his hard earned salary to people who needed it more, went and visited different regions in his giant country and did his best to make sure everyone, especially the most oppressed feel heard and respected- was very admirable.

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  1. karen rocio poveda rincon

    It is really interesting how you linked the start of the radio era to the interaction of the hight elites with the low ones. I didnt thougth about it like that but it makes a lot of sense. Your thoughts lead me to think that it is such a shame that communications united us in the very beguining, and now they even divide people and could lead to misconceptions and misunderstandings between people. I agree, I cant imagine a world without media, that world only exists now in history books and old tales…


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