Speaking Truth To Power

This chapter explained the resistance from the people, from women specifically during the era of the dirty wars. Reading about the Madres in Argentina and the mothers in Chile was very interesting. While reading, all i could do was admire these courageous women for going out in a country where the government was literally making anyone they deemed to be an “enemy” disappear – and protesting for their loved ones. In such a dangerous time, that is so brave for them to risk their own safety like that. Also the fact that even though protesting was against the law – in the late 70s – over 150 women would show up in the town centre to protest. Thats a powerful statement.
The women in chile making quilts to represent their loved ones, was also very powerful. And then of course, reading about the missing and murdered women from Juarez was so devastating. But unfortunately women treated this way is all too common in history.
The whole chapter really ignited my passion for feminism and i like that the author included some of these female details in the textbook. Last thought- it was also really neat to have Amnesty International name-dropped in this chapter and the role they had in Argentina specifically. This is a human rights group Ive done a lot of work for and have supported for years- im all up to date on their recent accomplishments but didnt know the role they had in Latin America. Very cool!

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