Research Assignment: Sources for Video Project

My first source is a book called “Caudillos in Spanish America 1800-1850” written by John Lynch in 1927. This book will be extremely helpful in adding information and insight into our video project about Juan Manuel De Rosas and caudillism in Latin America.  Chapter 6 in the book (pages 241 to 274) is titled “Juan Manual De Rosas: Argentina 1829-1852.” This chapter is filled with details about Rosas’ personal and political life. The chapter begins with Rosas’ early life and how it contributed to his rise as the most infamous caudillo in Argentina. It goes on to paint a clear picture of what Argentina was like while Rosas led. The chapter concludes with the collapse of Rosas and his power: “at the end, Rosas found himself isolated in a situation where personal sovereignty and individual allegiance were not enough, and where his own client groups, conscious of a new balance of power, did not have the commitment or the will to save him” (Lynch 1927, 274). By examining his experience as a caudillo, it will shed a light onto the bigger picture of caudillism in Latin America and allow our group to create an organized and educational video. “Rosas proved the limits as well as the strengths of caudillism.” (Lynch 1927, 274) “Caudillos in Spanish America 1800-1850” will also be helpful as it looks at three other famous caudillos in depth: Jose Antonio Paez of Venezuela, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna of Mexico, and Rafael Carrera of Guatemala. Being able to contrast these caudillos will be helpful in understanding the details of caudillism and creating our project.

My second source is called “Problems in Modern Latin American History” by Joseph Tulchin. Narrowing down the content of this book, chapter 2 is called “Making Sense of Caudillos and “Revolutions” in Nine-teeth Century Latin America.” This chapter attempts to do exactly that.
Tulchin states that “historians either sang the praises of caudillos, or vilified them, depending on each author’s political allegiance” (Tulchin 1994, 37). It is interesting that caudillos were either loved or hated depending who you asked. Knowing that caudillos can be contraversial depending on your political view- My group will try and remain as neutral as possible when examining the actions and endeavors of caudillo leaders in Latin America in our video project.

On top of these two sources, we will also use chapter 2 “Caudillos Versus the Nation State” (Pages 45-71) in our textbook by Alex Dawson. There are some great insights in there about Rosas, and Esteban Echeverria’s opinion on Rosas, that will be helpful.
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