Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Terror

This chapter and its contents were extremely shocking to read. The level of violence across so many different countries in Latin America is a very tragic anomaly. It was interesting to me that basically all of the government who were leading vicious and unfair attacks on civilians were not in office because they had been voted in- but were there by corrupt force. Of course there is a connection to note there- that when your country is being run by somebody who doesn’t unanimously deserve to be there, violence will ensue.
I looked more into the “dirty war” that happened specifically in Argentina and found the details of this conflict specifically, especially disgusting- for lack of a better word. The Junta would use freeze the bodies of their victims and then use those bodies to stage attacks by their enemies. Thats pretty crazy.
Its surprising to me that this violent era ended so recently and Argentina is one of, if not the most successful and well functioning countries in Latin America (well as far as GDP goes, and from my very limited knowledge of the region as a whole) today. I wonder how they made such a big turn around. And i wonder if there is still a big divide to be felt in the country today.