The road to a Masters Degree has begun.

To obtain my Master’s Degree in Food Resource Economics, at the University of British Columbia I have to pass:
FRE 501 – Commodity and Price Analysis
FRE 502 – Food Market Analysis
FRE 503 – Policy Analysis for Food, Environment and Resources
FRE 515 – Agribusiness Management
FRE 525 – Environmental Economics and Policy
FRE 528 – Applied Econometrics
FRE 385 – Quantitative Methods for Business and Resource Management
FRE 540 – International Resource Economics and Development

There will be posts on this website for FRE 501 regarding our simulated trading game and for FRE 525. I will try to post work from other courses eventually but for now, this it.

Feel free to read and critique anything. I am always open to constructive feedback.

3 Responses to Welcome

  1. Guy Lalanne says:

    I have read your posting about Sweden carbon tax, I learned a lot.
    I have a question for you, how do we know the United States of America’s economy is not a ponzy scheme since they can print money anytime they want?

  2. myjojo says:

    Hi there! i’m just wondering what degree you obtained before you started your masters? was it anything similar to food market analysis? how did you find the courses? lots of public speaking and marketing? also were there any food science lab courses that you had to take? nice blog!

    • realmelo says:

      Hi myjojo,

      Sorry for the delayed reply. My undergraduate degree is in fact B.Sc. FNH, Major in Food Market Analysis.

      The courses were challenging but informative and I enjoyed how they were tied into real life situations. There was enough public speaking in the form of the different presentations. No food science involved though.

      Visit the website for more information or let me know if you had anymore questions I’d be more than willing to answer them!

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