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Trading Game Closing Notes

With the FRE 501 trading game coming to a close I thought it would be fitting to end my blogging with a recap of what I’ve learned since the game started. Since this assignment started I traded wheat. To be … Continue reading

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Week 8- Cool Sources

This week Andrew P. spoke to us about the use of technical analysis. Truth be told he’s been discussing technical analysis with me throughout the term and I’ve been learning lots from him. For that reason he is week 8’s … Continue reading

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Week 8 – Um Now What?

Well, nothing changes. Even with the report saying the USDA increased US global wheat-supply estimates (, weather has to be taken into consideration to check if it’ll cooperate to prove the USDA estimates to be correct. Other things to look … Continue reading

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Week 8 – Was It Luck Or Logic? Luck. Definitely.

Wheat prices kept rising last week. A good reason for that was poor weather conditions in different producing counties ( I figured that eventually prices will come down as many speculators offset their long positions from these rising prices. I … Continue reading

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Week 7 – Cool Sources

As humans we are all meant to be social beings and as such information can come from my fellow classmates. Throughout the week I was in discussion with Gabi ( about trading wheat. She was the one who brought to … Continue reading

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Week 7 – Now What?

Now what? What position should I take? How do I increase my make believe money? I’ve been trading wheat so most my research has been for wheat. Most news I’ve been reading is that prices are going to be determined … Continue reading

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Week 7 – Sort of Went Right?

This was the first week that I did a small panic trade. As usual I did traded a contract in December wheat. On October 30th I woke up to prices rising. With news from the week before about Ukraine cutting … Continue reading

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