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I was originally planning on getting a degree in Human Geography or Latin American Studies… however, it looks as if my degree might end up being a little bit more gastronomy oriented. How about doing four years of undergraduate studies in free-food-finding? 

This Saturday as I was doing Trick or Eat my group came upon a girl that told us in a very matter-of-factly way that she was a student and all the food she had was in her belly! Moral of the story: we’re students, we shouldn’t have to spend too much on food!

The good news is: there is A LOT of free food on campus! 

So what is the trick to find it? Something called UBC Events. You would be amazed at how many events on campus offer free food, from cookies (like the free cookie day at MASS) to pizza (like house council meetings) to full healthy lunch with dessert and coffee breaks (like Terry talks and CLASS). Also, if you joined any clubs, go to their events! They usually have free BBQs, cheap dinners and other free food events! The best thing is that all these events turn out to be super interesting, you meet a lot of people and usually learn a lot too, what else could you ask for? 

Perseverance really pays off! keep checking the UBC Events page, or do what I did and write your email in as many email lists as you can. Join clubs and councils or simply be lucky to have friends like Morgan that do random stuff like buying cupcakes to give them away! Believe me, free food will come to you!

Here are some places you might want to try in the next few days:

– NOW – Breakfast at the Life Sciences Centre, UBC Thrive week – meet Professor Toope!

– Tuesday Nov. 3 – Breakfast at the Suicide Awareness Day, Norm Theater, 9:00 – with guest speaker Lloyd Craig

– Wednesday Nov. 4 – Meet your Dean, free pizza with Nancy Gallini, MASS,12:00 to 1:00 – aren’t you happy to be in Arts?

– Friday Nov. 6 – Community Eat at Sprouts, 11:30- every second Friday go to Sprouts (SUB basement) for healthy, delicious food from the farm! Take you own container!!

Now, for those of you that enjoy any kind of free stuff, this week you get free massages, free pens, free highlighters and free learning with many amazing speakers all over campus all the time! However, you’ll have to find out when and where by yourself! :)

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  1. Em says:

    Yay cupcakes! :D

  2. Mary Leong says:

    SPROUTTTTTTSSSSSSS. Yummy borscht.


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