Class (and potato)

It’s my third day of class and I ‘m already behind on my readings. I’m sorry 80-pages-of-turkish-history-due-tomorrow, you’ll have to wait until I write a blog post.

Classes have been as good as can be expected so far, except for the fact that I had to figure out how to work the library all over again. There’s one class that I’m not really a fan of – Research ¬†Methods in the Social Sciences, but I have to take it for a geography requirement, so I guess I should try to stay positive about it :)¬†Apart from that one I really like all my other classes, especially one called Islamic Cities (for which I also have a lot of readings!!)

We’ve been doing some serious tourism in the old part of Istanbul and it is just beautiful. Also, I swear that everyone parties as if it was New Year’s every night here (or maybe it’s an exchange student thing?).. I’m not sure, but yesterday I couldn’t do it anymore and I slept for 15 hours non-stop, it was awesome.

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  1. Tyler says:

    omfg. Is that a baked potato?!?! It looks amazing!

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