Healing Hummingbird

The healing hummingbird is a creature with the ability to connect with afterlife, deliver their messages, and spread healing among humankind. This creature disguises themselves in plain sight, as they are often mistaken for the common hummingbird mammal. However, these birds have a unique gift to carry the energy and messages from spirits who have passed away. These spirits are often concerned for their living loved ones, and are striving to deliver an important message. The healing hummingbird may achieve this at first by simply being present in times of need: when a loved one is experiencing deep sadness, despair, confusion, and grief. It is only when a sad soul recognizes the birds intention that healing may begin. If the healer is mistaken as simply an average bird, the messages will not continue or progress. When recognized, messages initially come in the form of the bird’s presence and song (quite similar to hummingbirds, but with peculiar timing which is a hint to the loved one that there is a message for them). After this, the bird will reveal themselves in dreams rather often, and become increasingly present in daily life. The messages revealed in dreams are expressed directly from loved one who has passed on, clearly revealing what has been left unsaid, and what is important in order to heal those still living. The experience is hard to explain — a mix between a dream and a very intentional out of body event, giving the loved one what they require to move forward. 

Once the healer has successfully given the living loved one the healing it needs, one of two things can occur: the bird will no longer show themselves, and continue its purpose with other living loved ones, or transmit the healing ability to the loved one. If the later option occurs, the healer will land on the loved one’s shoulder, sing a harmony, and fly from the loved one, never returning. The loved one then becomes a healer for humanity, driven to help and restore happiness in others.