the RUBS project

The Responsive User Body Suit project is developing body-worn instruments that use e-textiles for sensors. The suits are used by dancers and musicians, who are able to control audio and video processing by touching and stroking the fabric sensors. By doing this they create data that is then used to control Max/MSP/Jitter patches in performance.

Researchers: B. Pritchard, K. Bhumber

Performers/Composers: B. Pritchard, K. Bhumber, M. Lancaster, M. Witvoet, S. Wasik, D. Lee, JP Carter, G. Tomasky

To date there have been performances in Vancouver and Copenhagen, and there will be another performance in Victoriaville by Kiran Bhumber and JP Carter at the 2018 CNMN festival. We continue to work on improvements to the sensors and software, and develop new pieces.