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Finally! UDP Recieve working from MKR1000 via Wi-Fi.

Finally! Max is able to receive data from MKR1000 wirelessly!

WiFiUDP from WiFi101 library can send data to other machines in the network through UDP, given “destination IP address and its Port Number”.

MAX’s “udpreceive” however, only accepts Open Sound Control (OSC) encoded bytes. Also, Arduino’s OSC library only send data via ethernet!!!

So… to overcome this problem, I created add-ons for WiFi101 library to support sending OSC encoded data via UDP. And after several cookies, cups of tea, and couple days of pulling my hair.. voila!!!

Enjoy 🙂

Testing testing…is this thing on?

Our two weeks have been a good mix between a little more research, testing & cookie tasting (coconut & chocolate pairs well with testing circuitry).

Firstly, we managed to connect the MKR1000 to the computer running Max/MSP over WiFi via a router. We recreated a portion of the circuitry onto the  Arduino MKR1000 using the existing suit and our test sleeve (conductive/resistive strips sewn into a rectangular patch of fabric). This allowed us to test whether the MKR1000 was able to receive data from the sensors, similar to the Arduino Uno, and send it to Max/MSP via ethernet cable.

Here is a video of the Max/MSP output of one sensor on the suit during the test:

Our plans for this week are to try and filter out some of the noise from the analogue signals being fed into the MKR1000 for smoother output to Max/MSP, research into how to send OSC (Open Sound Control) via WiFi, and implement the battery on the MKR1000 to test out current draw and battery life expectancy.

WIFI Module Research – 12 Oct 2017

So far, we have begun researching into how exactly we could improve on RUBS to be function wirelessly. We have been comparing various wireless modules that could be appropriate for the data transfer to Max/MSP, as well as looking at each module’s power consumption to determine what batteries and changes in circuitry we might need.


Here is a video presentation outlining our findings so far and our plan of action for the next couple of weeks 🙂