Testing testing…is this thing on?

Our two weeks have been a good mix between a little more research, testing & cookie tasting (coconut & chocolate pairs well with testing circuitry).

Firstly, we managed to connect the MKR1000 to the computer running Max/MSP over WiFi via a router. We recreated a portion of the circuitry onto the  Arduino MKR1000 using the existing suit and our test sleeve (conductive/resistive strips sewn into a rectangular patch of fabric). This allowed us to test whether the MKR1000 was able to receive data from the sensors, similar to the Arduino Uno, and send it to Max/MSP via ethernet cable.

Here is a video of the Max/MSP output of one sensor on the suit during the test:

Our plans for this week are to try and filter out some of the noise from the analogue signals being fed into the MKR1000 for smoother output to Max/MSP, research into how to send OSC (Open Sound Control) via WiFi, and implement the battery on the MKR1000 to test out current draw and battery life expectancy.

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