Personal Initiatives

Still Human

Still human was a project in October 2016. It is about overcoming the ridge between different social groups. People form the streets of Vancouver told me about their lives and difficulties.



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Common Energy is a UBC student club. Currently involved in the Campaigns subgroup, we are promoting Eco-to-go, a program aiming to reduce the use of one-way food containers on Campus.


Nachhaltigkeitswoche 2016

Nachhaltigkeitswoche (“sustainability week”) is an event organized by the universities and colleges of Zurich. During one week, people have the chance to dive into different social and ecological issues.



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Enviroswiss annual weekend is organized by students from different places in Switzerland. 3 days of interactive learning, good conversations and fun make it an longlasting experience. I was part of the organisation committee in 2015.


Fotography and filming

As a fotographer and filmer, I took part of different projects as Generationen im Museum, Museumsmobil or projects of Aargauer Kunsthaus. I enjoy filming because it is a way to attract people’s attention to important topics.