Roles & Responsibilities EDUC 321/323

During School Orientation Practicum II, all members of the triad will continue to discover how to best interact with each other. Specific roles for each member of the triad during these continued Thursday experiences are as follows:

School Advisor(s):

  • Finalize a proper load of classes for your teacher candidate for the Extended Practicum
  • Provide support, encouragement, and practice
  • Provide regular observations and give appropriate feedback
  • Participate in all required triad meetings; and complete the EDUC 321/323 School Advisor Feedback Form with the faculty advisor, due at the Teacher Education Office by mid-March.

Faculty Advisor:

  • Provide support and guidance to other triad members
  • Provide regular observations and appropriate feedback
  • Coordinate the completion of the EDUC 321/323 School Advisor & Teacher Candidate Feedback Forms.

Teacher Candidate:

  • Prepare adequately for all courses/units taught;
  • Participate in all triad meetings;
  • Act as a liaison (if needed) between the school advisor(s) and the faculty advisor;
  • Reflect appropriately on practice;
  • Respond appropriately to all feedback received by advisors;
  • Fully understand what needs to be prepared before the beginning of the ten-week extended practicum; and
  • Meet with the school advisor(s) prior to the Extended Practicum to confirm units and themes.