Week 11

Week 11 Blog Post

Ernesto (Che) Guevara someone that I’ve heard of but never really known who he was and what he did.  I heard that he had done some ‘bad’ things but never really know what they were, and now I wish I knew earlier.

Che took part in Fidel Castro’s plans to coup the Batista’s government.  Chels role was to lead a small group of guerrillas.  Once Castro successfully took power, Che was given charge of the prison called La Cabana Fortress.  During this there were 144 prisoners executed.

Soon after Che became the president of Cuban National Bank.  A year after he eventually became the Minister of Industry.  Then left.

In this time (about two years later) he also rallied the people of Bolivia to revolt against their government.  Unfortunately, he was unable to recruit many and still had that small guerilla, because of this Che was captured and killed.  He died by the Bolivian army.


Like me I feel like this video proves that I wasn’t the only who was so ignorant to not know who he really is.  Its crazy to think that Che’s face has become a quick way to market t-shorts to people who really don’t know who and what he’s done.  I also wanted to mention that this video does have some over the top edits but at the same time it shows just how easy it is for uninformed individuals to buy it thinking its a nice motif.

I included this next video to provide some more information about Che that I maybe didn’t see as worthy to keep in my blog, and so that if you’re interested you can learn more.


Sarita 🙂

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  1. Clandestino

    Hi Sarita,

    it is true that a lot of people don’t know what Che stood for while they were his image on their bodies as if he is represents something that they firmly believe in. I think if Che were still alive, he would reject his own pop cultural image with a tone of rancour. It is sad to see how pop culture has usurped his image but I am also not surprised. The same goes with the Obama image, people wore and wear his image when in reality, Obama was committing terrorists acts upon the middle east on a weekly basis. I believe they called it “Terror Tuesdays” for that was the day that he would hold a meeting with his army officials and together they would decide if “suspected” terrorists should be executed without trial.

    On another note, Che also did many good things, but that is also subjective. If your ever curious of who the man Che was before the revolution, watch the acclaimed Argentine movie “The Motorcycle Diaries”. That movie uses Che’s own words from his diary to display who Ernesto Guevara was before he became Che.


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