Scholarship: Intellectual Freedom and Young Adults, offered through San Jose State University School of Information (SJSU iSchool)

Judith F. Krug Memorial Fund IF Course Scholarship Application Open until Nov. 19, 2020

The Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF), is excited to announce a scholarship for the Spring 2021 seminar, Intellectual Freedom and Young Adults, offered through San Jose State University School of Information (SJSU iSchool).

The 3-credit online seminar led by instructor Beth Wrenn-Estes runs from January 27 – May 17, 2021. The course will focus on intellectual freedom issues with youth, the value of youth literature to enhance individuals’ lives, the ethics of intellectual freedom, the psychology of censorship and how to combat it, and how to defend materials for youth. Before Wrenn-Estes started teaching for SJSU full-time she was a youth services librarian. She is passionate about libraries and especially serving youth. Wrenn-Estes received the iSchool Outstanding Teacher Award in 2012 and The Most Distinguished (Faculty) Service award in 2014.

The scholarship covers half the cost of the course and is open to any student enrolled in a LIS degree program.  As part of a collaboration between FTRF and SJSU, staff and volunteers will lend their expertise as guest speakers, and the FTRF and ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom archival materials will be made available to students.

Applications for the scholarships are due November 18 and recipients will be announced by December first. You may apply here.

Students enrolled in programs affiliated with the WISE consortium will be provided course credit automatically upon completion of the course.  Others will need to coordinate course credit with their home institution.

For more information regarding registration please contact Sheila.Gurtu@sjsu.edu at the SJSU iSchool or Yumeka Brown ybrown@ala.org at the Freedom to Read Foundation.


Minutes 05 October 2020

Meeting Agenda – October 5, 2020 – Held on GoogleMeet

UBC ALA Student Chapter – October Meeting

Meeting Start Scheduled: 4:15 PDT

Notes taken by club secretary: Alannah Berson


  1. Welcome new officers!
    1. Jentry – MLIS, co-chair, Vancouver, BC
    2. Mandy – Dual, 2nd co-chair, Milwaukee, WI
    3. Alannah – MLIS Secretary, Chicago, IL
    4. Jeremy – Dual, Treasurer, Houston, TX
    5. Kelso – MLIS, Webmaster, North Carolina
  2. Adding a Webmaster/Special Election
    1. No clear guidance in the Constitution, so execs could decide
    2. Only 9 people voted in the last public election
    3. Mandy advocates for voting Kelso in since running unopposed
    4. Jentry motions to a hand-raising vote, Kelso is elected unanimously
  3. Jentry is trying to gain access to /alaplace (old blog) as it still comes up #1 in Google results. Tech has not returned the message sent 9/23 requesting assistance.
    1. Discussion of how club did not have succession plan, and now the club has two websites and Jentry is trying to get access to the older site
    2. Jentry, Kelso, and Mandy may have a future meeting to learn how to run the website
    3. Blog is low maintenance at the moment, can be updated, to be less “dead” 
    4. Need to approve and post previous meeting minutes
    5. Discussion of various social media accounts
    6. Need to update passwords 
    7. Changing Facebook to help direct people to the more recent website
    8. Need to check Twitter handle and update banners etc. 
  4. COVID Events
    1. Email from BCLA: They have an event 13 Nov
    2. Last year’s events were often done with the SCLA  – potential events for this year as well
      1. Collab in spirit (since we don’t have a budget), coordinate to share resources,  reaching out to people, and administrative planning 
    3. PLA – Public Libraries (within ALA) – Webinar on health coverage initiatives Oct 21st. 1-2 Central 
    4. LASSA could help fund our events if we pitch it to them as related to our degrees 
    5. Can always figure out a fundraiser if we want a not-as related activity 
  5. Google is being difficult- What to do for permissions?
    1. Problems with succession plan and previous administration signing over privileges 
    2. We will build a succession plan to avoid this happening to future club execs 
    3. Jeremy around to help with access 
    4. Could try logging in with the UBC VPN to see if it would make Google less angry 
    5. Adding new execs to UBC WordPress site
  6. ALA membership requirement (Article III)
    1. Delay Official ALA membership fees, due to Covid-19
    2. Jentry recommends joining before a longer break to get access to the online learning resources 
    3. Paid courses to fill-out areas UBC courses are less helpful with
    4. ALA offers a stipend for a single student per chapter to attend the conference – might make more sense in the summer
    5. Industry journal available in UBC Library 
    6. Free Research Data Management Librarian Academy: https://rdmla.github.io/
    7. Workshop to sign up for ALA workshops – work on after December, possibly January meeting
  7. General meetings every month Article 4 of Constitution
    1. Not followed by past years, last year there were 3 general meetings
    2. Not much happened, except for a talk from the  ACLN and the SLA library tour
    3. Meetings could be social to build the cohort
    4. Potential November Meeting
      1. November 9th – 4pm (pdt)
      2. Themed?
      3. Post a poll in LASSA’s discord for theme ideas
  8. Meeting adjourned at 5pm PDT