Manhunt, Shadowrun, and “They’re made out of meat”

The first game of manhunt in the newyear will be tomorrow (Wednesday) after class at 6:30. If you want to play, try and make it down to the front of Burrard Skytrain Station at 6:10.

Also, I wanted to bring up the classic 1993 Super-nintendo game “Shadowrun” as its gameplay is very similar to Neuromancer. In the game you play as Jake Armitage, a mecernary who uses a Cyberdeck to hack into the matrices of corporations. You can hire other shadowrunners or henchmen to back you up as explore a decrepit Seattle filled with armed cyberpunk gangs. Similar to the  “Necromancer” in Neuromancer, Shadowrun is filled with mystical/magical elements as the plot details a future where magic has returned to the world, and the opening scene in the game is your character being assasinated in the street then revieved from the dead by a shapeshifting lupine figure. Anyway, now that I think about it, I can’t believe I spent a portion of my childhood playing this wacked out game! Its seriously awesome…

Oh, and heres that youtube video “They’re made out of meat” (an adapatation of the Terry Bisson shortstory)  that was brought up when we were discussing the notion of post-humanism and the name “Case” in Neuromancer.

YouTube Preview Image

2 thoughts on “Manhunt, Shadowrun, and “They’re made out of meat”

  1. Kaitlyn (Kat) Braybrooke

    that game looks like a complete mindfuck (am i allowed to write that?) and must be based on neuromancer if the character’s name is armitage, of all things!

    ….also, i think i’m too lazy to play manhunt this time. but perhaps in the future when i’m feeling motivated!

  2. Matthew Blunderfield

    ha, ‘mindfuck’ – seems a bit ambiguous and hyperbolic, also reminds me of James Howard Kunstler’s coining of ‘clusterfuck‘ as some kind of critical/intellectual term.

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